Welcome to Mindchanging Psychology


When we learn something new, or change the way we think about the things we already know, we literally change our minds as the synaptic connections in our brain reorganise themselves. This is the principle that clinical psychologists work with when we help people to change old habits and patterns of thinking that get in the way of fulfilment and happiness.

Mindchanging Psychology is a clinical psychology service providing personalised psychological counselling sessions, seminar sessions, and professional supervision. 

Our seminars will get you started on developing new skills and strategies in a low key learning environment. Find out more about seminars.

Or for a more individual approach you can book personalised therapy sessions where you will discuss problems in depth, and learn and practice skills tailored specifically to your needs. Find out more about personalised sessions.

We believe your work with us will change your mind about the things that hold you back and help you to live a more enjoyable and contented life.

So, what are you are struggling with?

Or perhaps you feel that the problem you face is just too big for anyone to help with - if so please get in touch and let's talk it over.